• Arkane Studios
  • Gameplay Engineer
  • June 2014 - June 2017
Features Owned
Mimic Matter
  • Core gameplay feature heavily promoted in official marketing campaign.
  • Built flexible component architecture to enable player possession of more than one hundred unique gameplay objects, from simple collision primitives to fully animated NPCs.
  • Exhaustively iterated on impulse-driven rigid body locomotion to maximize integrity of physical simulation within safe tolerance of collision system.
  • Created high-level entity/controller interface to bridge low-level AI and player input systems.
  • Wrote deploy, idle and attack controllers for folding defense turret:
    • Created ADS camera with smooth transition between search and attack states.
  • Implemented player-controlled operators (flying robots), including:
    • Locomotion controllers to enable unconstrained 3D movement outside of navigation mesh.
    • Medical operator chain lightning attack with surface-based soft- and hard-lock targeting modes.
    • Military operator continuous beam attack with ADS “smart” tracking camera.
    • Engineering operator flame thrower attack with independent control arm and CQC camera.
  • Designed and implemented fully-reactive 3rd-person camera system:
    • Achieved excellent collision and clipping avoidance in classically challenging environments, including tight interior spaces with high density dynamic clutter.
    • Combined efficient heuristics and amortization strategy to minimize frequency of physical world queries.
    • Used local path finding to detect and circumvent partially occluding geometry, reducing frequency of hard camera cuts.
Phantom Shift
  • Independently prototyped new player ability designed to enhance overall combat mobility and provide an effective stealth recovery option.
  • Worked closely with lead systems designer to develop prototype into polished feature.
  • Wrote lightweight character proxy to reduce run-time cost of spawning multiple player doppelgangers.
  • Collaborated with animator to test and refine five unique poses for player doppelganger:
    • Added support for transforming player blink vector into corresponding directional animation tag.
  • Created key frame animation module to render exported material animations on 1st-person player model.
Lift Field
  • Implemented remotely deployed cylindrical gravity volume.
  • Used dependency injection to abstract special handling of player, NPCs and rigid bodies.
  • Implemented player movement controller to satisfy feature mobility requirement:
    • Created vertical boost maneuver (“canon shot”) via non-linear acceleration along uniform field normal.
  • Developed surface-bound targeting mode:
    • Leveraged AI navigation mesh to target behind partially occluding geometry.
Blast Powers
  • Implemented direct damage and AOE offensive abilities, including:
    • Thermal Blast: proximity mine that erupts in pillar of fire.
    • Electrostatic Burst: area attack that damages and disables electrified targets.
    • Kinetic Blast: area-based concussion with strong knockback effect.
    • Pyschoshock: devastating psionic damage against a single organic target.
  • Wrote generic mediator framework to minimize code duplication for damage-related player abilities.
Phantom Genesis
  • Designed and implemented procedural ragdoll animation:
    • Applied impulses to subset of human rig joints as a function of time and position.
    • Significantly reduced feature development cost by eliminating key frame animation requirement.
  • Built robust resource management layer to supplement CryEngine entity system:
    • Employed sound RAII principals to simplify entity lifetime management in client code.
    • Wrote opaque wrapper around global entity handle to enable unique_ptr usage and ownership semantics.
Additional Work
  • Co-designed and implemented player time dilation mechanic:
    • Added engine-level support for synchronous and asynchronous advancement of player and world timers.
    • Coupled physical simulation time step to player movement; e.g. game is paused while player is stationary.
    • Created direct, AOE and surface-constrained 3D targeting modes.
  • Defined and implemented low-level data structures and client interface for player ability tree.
  • Implemented auto-targeting behavior and reticle animation for player psychoscope.
  • Wrote offline parser to generate dependency graphs and streamline debugging of visual scripting logic.
  • Developed and maintained key quest system components:
    • Implemented global entity position tracker to support discovery objective type.
    • Decomposed objective data structure into hierarchical sub-tasks to enable multi-part quest advancement.
    • Implemented in-world interactive terminal to display NPC status and accept new tracking quests.
  • Added native support for player weapon and abilities wheel UI:
    • Designed and implemented unique menu navigation behavior for multiple input sources.
  • Wrote partially regenerative player health component.
  • Implemented native UI events and flow logic for player death screen.
  • Created bi-directional gravity elevator to smoothly transition player and gameplay objects across station and gravitational boundaries.